๐Ÿ†•Setup Auto-Buy

The Sniper feature in Blox is a sophisticated tool designed to enhance your trading efficiency by allowing for precise, targeted entries into the market.

Select Wallet

Select the wallet or wallets with sufficient funds to get started.

Funding Range

Minimum balance to enable auto buy is 0.05 ETH. If wallet balance is less than minimum requirement then the auto buy function will not execute the trade.

Input Ranges

Min Buy Amount: 0.001 ETH MaxBuy Amount 0.05 ETH

Set Auto Buy Amount

This confirms the amount you have placed into the input field for the auto-buy to execute. Once the amount is set and the "Set ETH Buy" Button is clicked the auto-buy function has been enacted. Do not click this button unless you are ready to execute an auto-buy amount..

Confirm Disclaimer

Read through and click "agree" when you have understood the disclaimer.

Engage Auto-Buy

This activates the auto buy for active use under the parameters that have been determined by you.

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