Our dedicated Blox development team is steadfast in their commitment to continuously roll out updates that introduce new integrations and enhancements to the user experience. Our focus is not just on maintaining the platform's efficiency but also on bringing forth new and innovative features. Our goal is to equip our users with the most effective tools, giving them a competitive edge in the dynamic DeFi markets.

Our vision for Blox extends well beyond providing a mere fast swap service. We aspire to establish Blox as a leading DeFi trading platform, one that not only adapts to but also drives forward innovation in the industry. By pioneering with new technologies, we aim to set new benchmarks in the DeFi space and contribute significantly to its evolution. Our upcoming developments are designed to reflect this vision, ensuring that Blox remains at the forefront of DeFi trading innovation.

Upcoming Features:

-$Blox Staking

-Innovative Telegram Integration

-Cross chain -> Solana

-Portfolio Tracker

Upcoming Trading Features:

-Token Scanner

-P&L Statements

-Copy Trading

-Limit Orders

-Take Profit

-Stop Loss

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