What is MEV?

a "MEV" or Maximum Extractable Value is a term that refers to the additional value that miners can extract from the order of transactions in a block. MEV arises due to the fact that miners have the ability to choose which transactions to include in a block, and they can manipulate the order of these transactions to maximize their profits.

How MEV Bots Operate

MEV bots are automated systems that aim to exploit the order-dependent nature of transactions on a blockchain. By strategically placing transactions in a block, these bots can gain an advantage and profit from price movements, liquidations, or arbitrage opportunities.

  • Transaction Order Dependence: MEV exploits the fact that the order of transactions in a block can significantly impact their outcomes. For example, in a decentralized exchange, the execution of trades is order-dependent, and the sequence of transactions can influence the final price.

  • Arbitrage Opportunities: MEV bots identify and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities within the blockchain. This could involve exploiting price discrepancies across different decentralized exchanges, liquidating vulnerable positions, or front-running trades to profit from predictable market movements.

  • Transaction Reordering: MEV bots attempt to reorder transactions within a block to their advantage. By strategically positioning transactions, they can maximize gains from price changes or other market events.

  • Front-Running: Front-running occurs when a MEV bot anticipates a large transaction about to be included in a block and quickly submits its own transaction to take advantage of the price impact before the original transaction is processed.

Why We Built Anti-MEV Functionality

Typically, mitigating MEV involves complex solutions at the blockchain level or using private tools, Primarily not accessible to the general public or custom built solutions. $BLOX takes a different approach by integrating Anti-MEV functionality directly into the swap, making it accessible to all users.

Benefits for Users

  1. Protection from Unfair Practices: The Anti-MEV feature ensures a fairer trading environment by reducing the impact of transaction order manipulation.

  2. User Inclusivity: Unlike traditional MEV solutions that are often complex and developer-centric, $BLOX democratizes MEV protection, extending it to all users.

  3. Cost-Efficiency: By providing this functionality within the swap, users avoid the need for expensive external MEV protection tools or solutions, making trading more cost-effective.

  4. Transaction Privacy: The swap leverages privacy-preserving techniques to obscure transaction details, making it harder for MEV bots to identify and manipulate transactions.

How It Works

$Blox's Anti-MEV feature is embedded into the DEX order matching process. This mechanism minimizes the opportunities for MEV bots to exploit transaction order dependencies.

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